Monthly Archive: February 2016

A weekend full of adventures :) 0

A weekend full of adventures :)

Huhu, how are you? We are really fine 🙂 I want to tell you something about our second weekend here in Halton! On Saturday we took a day trip to Windermere, it’s England’s largest...

Why are potatoes green? 0

Why are potatoes green?

Some of you might know the answer to the question above. However, I didn’t when Joy, the founder of the Claver Hill asked us while looking at her huge garden. We met her on...

A Little bit of sunshine! 0

A Little bit of sunshine!

Hey ho 🙂 The last two days were quite calm. Yesterday we had our midday prayer at the Cornerstone in Lancaster. We arrived a bit too early so we had some time to walk around...

Part Two 0

Part Two

 here is the second half of our first week in Halton. On Thursday evening we prayed again in the chapel of Lancaster University and participated in a ‘faith sharing’ there which was...