How we live in the Lunesdale Community

Daily life revolves around prayer twice a day and shared mealtimes. Everyone takes part in household tasks, taking turns to prepare meals, clean the house and perform a share of garden and house maintenance work. At weekends we often tackle some bigger practical tasks, but also take time to wind down and have fun. On Sundays we worship in the various church communities which we are part of.

Weekday schedule

  • 8:00 Morning Prayer (streamed on our Facebook page)
  • 8:40 Breakfast
  • from 9:00 Depart for daytime activities
  • 13:00 Lunch (for those at home)
  • 18:45 Dinner together
  • 20:00 Evening prayer
  • from 20:30 Evening social activities


Living at the Lunesdale Community isn’t only about prayer and hard work; we also take the time to relax together and sometimes with others. Particularly at weekends we play board games, watch films in the home cinema or unwind in the Finnish sauna (for those who like it).

There is plenty of space to be quiet at home as well, with a chapel, living room, library and craft room, as well as your own room.

Halton might not be far from Lancaster, but the village is in countryside. There are nice walks across fields and the wonderful Lune river valley offers the most scenic walks and cycle paths, right on the doorstep

Two friendly miniature Jack Russell Terriers animate the community house, and like nothing more than a long walk or a good cuddle once they get to know you a bit.

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