About us

We started in 2015 by receiving a “small provisional community” sent by the Taizé Community. We have been joined by a variety of people for longer or shorter periods of time, united by the desire to live a pattern based around regular prayer together with others.

A few community members moved on to new challenges recently, and we have taken the opportunity to reflect on the experience gained over the past five years. At the moment we are extending the invitation for new members to join us in the autumn 2020, and also for local churches and other organisations to partner with us.

Living at the Lunesdale Community means entering fully into the pattern of life of the community. The daily life is structured around times of contemplative prayer, morning and evening, in the style of Taizé. Meals are prepared and shared communally and there is opportunity for relaxation and spending time together and individually. In addition to life in the community house, each member devote some hours daily to work, study or community projects.

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