Welcome to the Lunesdale Community

The Lunesdale Community has published an invitation to life in community during the winter of 2020-21. Please see this post for further information.

The Lunesdale Community is an ecumenical Christian community, formed in 2015. We are based in the village of Halton, just outside Lancaster, in the picturesque Lune Valley.

The components of our commitment to sharing life together include:

  • Daily pattern of community prayer (morning and evening), in the style of the Taizé Community, centred around silence and reflection
  • Individual commitment to on-going study and learning, and sharing of its fruits
  • Working out what the Kingdom of God might look like in our lives as a community and as individuals
  • Sharing of practical work within the community to enable our life together
  • Being present with each other through shared meals and activities
  • Playing an active role in the local area; finding ways in which we can contribute to be a positive and supportive presence as a community