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  1. Ruta Hallam says:

    Dear all,
    MikeHallam told me about your community impulse and from what I have heard and read so far ,it might be something I could be interested in!
    Since my partner died almost 3 years ago I am still re arranging my life here in Morecambe and am looking out for possibilities such as what you are contemplating,
    I might well be in a position to contribute in some way .It is harder to say right away ,how my September will take shape (I am dealing with much paperwork still) ,but I can be flexibel!*
    Ruta H. *

    • andy says:

      Great to hear from you, Ruta, and many thanks for your offer of help. We’ll probably be having a major effort during half-term week (the last week of October) to turn the building into a home, and help would be most welcome. Once things have settled down a bit and we have a date for moving it would be very good to have a chat.

    • anna says:

      Hi Ruta,
      Life is taking shape in Halton, although the floods and powercuts have caused some upheaval. Hope you haven’t been badly affected. Would you like to join us for a prayer at 8pm some evening and perhaps a meal? It would be great to meet you.
      Speak to you soon,

  2. andy says:

    Well, we didn’t make it for the end of August. Details of the purchase have been dragging on, but I think finally we have the last issues resolved. We’re hopeful that everything will be ready for us to move in a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted once we have a firm date.

  3. The good news is we’ve exchanged contracts on the house and will complete and start moving in at the end of this week. We’re going to try to do a lot of the initial set-up work during the half-term week, 23rd to 30th October, so any offers of practical help would be greatly appreciated!

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