Upcoming Events at the Lunesdale Community

Ecumenical Study Group on Thursdays at  7.30 pm

This is a joint group with the Churches in Halton, and it is open for anybody. We are studying the pope’s encyclical Laudato Si with themes of environment, our abuse of and care for it. We start at 6.30 with a vegetarian bring and share meal, discussion at 7.30 and finish with evening prayer beginning after 8.30 on these evenings. Please feel free to come to any part of it! The remaining dates are:
7/9, 21/9 and 19/10. We will finish with a film night on 16/11.

Youth Club

A get-together for the young people of the United Reformed Church in Halton and any others at secondary school age. In the spring – summer 2017 we will be using the film Chocolat and going through the topics in the book Christ and the Chocolaterie. We will also be enjoying all things chocolatey! Start time 6.30 pm and finishing with evening prayer 8 – 8.30 pm.

Future dates:

The Chocolat study has ended now, but after the summer we will be looking at starting a new study based on a popular book.


Don’t forget our open evening prayer every Sun-Thu in term time at 8 pm. At other times, please call/e-mail first to check the arrangements. On certain Thursdays prayer is exceptionally at 8.30 pm because of the study group.

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