Upcoming Events at the Lunesdale Community

16 June, 7 July and 21 July 2016: Ecumenical Study Group at 6.30 pm

This is a joint group with the Churches in Halton, and it is open for everybody. The group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in term time, and will also continue in the autumn. We start with vegetarian Jacob’s join and finish with evening prayer.

26 June 2016: Youth evening at 6.00 pm

A get-together for the young people of the United Reformed Church in Halton and any others in secondary school age. As part of a continuing programme we will discuss questions of faith and get creative. And there will always be cake! Finishes with evening prayer 8 – 8.30 pm.

15 – 17 July 2016: Open Weekend

This event is for any friends to come and enjoy a good time together. There will be an opportunity to leave your mark in the house or garden by helping out a little. If you’d like to come, please get in touch as early as possible!

16 – 18 September 2016: Community Weekend

Community Weekends are an opportunity to see what life lived in Lunesdale Community might be like. It is for anyone interested in joining the community for a shorter or longer spell of time. If you’d like to come, please get in touch as early as possible!

Don’t forget our open evening prayer every Sun-Thu in term time at 8 pm. At other times, please call/e-mail first to check the arrangements.

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