A Little bit of sunshine!

Hey ho ūüôā

The last two days were quite calm.

Yesterday we had our¬†midday prayer at the Cornerstone in Lancaster. We arrived a bit too early so we had some time to walk around and visit the St. Peter’s Cathedral. Once we managed to open the door (thanks to a very friendly Lady ūüėÄ )¬†and were able to get inside, I was surprised about how big it was. There are several altars and a really impressive sanctuary at the front. Moreover it has a beautiful stained glass window above the organ. When we left the cathedral we decided to go there¬†for the mass¬†on sunday.

For the midday prayer it is often just the three of us while in the evening we are usually at least seven people. This is one reason the evening prayer’s are so great, the harmony of¬†a song becomes even more beautiful when many different voices come together. And then we have¬†the variety of laguages…¬†Generally¬†we read in English, but sometimes we say a prayer in German or Anna or the children read in Finnish. It really creates a Taiz√©-like atmosphere!

Today we were amazed by the beautiful weather! On our way to the foodbank the sun was shining¬†so brightly and it made me feel¬†very happy and motivated.¬†At the foodbank we helped to prepare different¬†things like washing powder and¬†vegetables and later made tea and coffee for everyone ūüôā

After work we went to the beach in Morecambe and¬†took a walk in the sand.¬†The sun was¬†glistening on the water and¬†in the¬†distance¬†we saw¬†the snow capped mountains. To feel the warmth of the sunshine on my¬†face after so many rainy days¬†was¬†amazing! ūüôā



I am looking forward to our prayer at the University chaplaincy tomorrow and hope it will be another beautiful, sunny day.

Good night!


This is my commandment: love each other just as I have loved you.¬†¬†No one has greater love than to give up one‚Äôs life for one‚Äôs friends.”¬† John 15, 12-13


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