Welcoming people!

The Walker family are becoming more settled and are longing for other people to join them in community.

Some future events to make note of:

29 – 31 January: Community Weekend
15 February – 18 March: Small Provisional Community
26 – 28 February: Young Adults’ Weekend
8 – 10 April: Community Weekend

Community Weekends are an opportunity to see what life lived in Lunesdale Community might be like. It is for anyone interested in joining the community for a shorter or longer spell of time. If you’d like to come, please get in touch as early as possible! The Small Provisional Community is partly facilitated by the Community of Taizé in February – March, when a few young people from different countries come to stay for five weeks to experience community life. We invite any adults in the younger age bracket to a big celebration weekend in February.

Please share this information widely!

Recipe for a better life

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