Sharing our table in a challenging time

In the midst of the flooding and power cuts in Halton on Sunday, we shared our gas cooker and a substantial stock of melting ice cream with people from the cohousing. A frightening morning turned into a feast and a warming evening with lots of candles and Christmas carols. It was great to have a full house for the first time, and also to see the community spirit in the village. Thankfully, Lunesdale Community house is high up on the side of the valley, and we don’t ever expect to flood.

Our thoughts are with the countless people who have been working night and day to ensure the safety of people affected by these events, and to restore power. The river Lune rose to a new record, and around the world people are struggling with record storms. As world leaders are gathered in Paris for the Climate Summit, we hope and pray that they make courageous decisions to protect the earth from further climate change.

Lune Hydro in flood

Lune Hydro surrounded by water

Low road in flood

Low Road flooded

view over the valley

View over the Lune Valley from the top

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