It’s happening!

This is a blog about building community. After nearly two decades of longing to share life in community, we are currently buying a property big enough to start something. We are agent photoseeking to live a life of common prayers and meals where the peaks and vales of life’s journey are shared with people who wish to grow closer to God. Some of the values we want to explore are simplicity, ecumenism, trust and responsibility for creation. Is joy a value? Now it is – joy! JOY!

In my community, God willing, there will be a long table for deep conversations, candles burning in front of icons reminding of the Presence, time for friend and stranger to be treasured and a garden big enough for dancing.

We still need to live somehow, so people may have jobs outside or in the community, but we have a hope of allowing for fruits of creativity from work done together. This may be in the garden, the kitchen or in the local community. As well as a community, we are setting up as a centre for contemplation and Christian study, and we hope to share something of what we learn by offering open events.

May this blog be like a smoke signal of Lunesdale Community which rises to bring our intentions visible to everyone, and may the thoughts be shared and refined in the four winds before finally reaching the Kingdom. May they linger and become reality there. Here, now in the village of Halton.

I wonder if there someone who is moved to contact us to explore a life shared? Please leave your e-mail address on the website and we will get in touch. Or become part of what’s happening online and follow this blog. All constructive contributions are welcome!

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  1. Chibane Massinissa says:

    hi brothers and sisters, my name is Massinissa, my friends call me Massi or Massimo, am from Algeria, am catholic, and am intrested in this project ” community live” i speack so verry good french, and arabic writing too, am not verry good in english but am learning. i wase in Taizé on 2002 2003. greating from your new brother.

  2. Jorge Ivan Moreno says:

    i’m interesting on knowing more about it,
    I’n an ex-raize permanent and my goal in life is something like this..

    Waiting for your contact

    Jorge Ivan

  3. Gerard Fagan says:

    Well done! What great courage it takes to “launch out into the deep and lay out your nets for a catch”.
    Please keep in touch with us here across the Irish Sea. Perhaps in this Millenium we can re-forge the special unity we had in Christ between these two islands , which we
    en-JOY-ed when our peoples first came to Christ and shared, to and fro, the reality of a Christian Life lived. Go mbannai Dia iabh go Leir! Beannachtai De ar an obair…
    Two blessings in Gaelic viz. “may God bless you all!” And ” The blessings of God on the work”. Two phrases well Known to and said in those very words by St. Brendan whose birthday is today. Another man of courage. See the post by the Northumbria Community on FB. …Gerard

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