Vocational tracks for 2019-20

This year we are proposing three broad tracks to which we dedicate our working hours while living in community. These are:

  • Internship in a local Church, organisation or charity
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Study at a local University or College


We are encouraging potential partner churches to view this as an opportunity to develop work ecumenically, together with other denominations in the area. As an intern, you won’t just be an extra hand in office work, but will be asked to lead on a new project. It is our hope that you will be a visible presence, known to and supported by the congregation, and a symbol of ecumenical cooperation and growth.

As an intern, you will be assigned a supervisor or mentor within the partner organisation in which you are placed, who will help you to set your own objectives for learning and development. Working together with them will ensure that you are developing the skills which will benefit you in the future.

Setting this experience in the context of community living will support you with the spiritual formation necessary for this sort of work. Taking regular time for silence and prayer will help you to keep going with a guiding focus on discerning God’s will.

Social Entrepreneurship

When seeking a career, many of us want to do some tangible good, rather than simply earning money for its own sake. Business and social good do not have to be strangers to each other.

This track is an opportunity to bring your own ideas – either something you have started working on already, or something entirely new – and to develop them over the course of the year. This may involve starting a business which you intend to continue to develop beyond this year, possibly on your own, or perhaps you will stay on to develop it as a community business.

Coming to the Lunesdale Community to pursue this means that you can work on your ideas within a supportive community environment, within the structure of regular prayer and shared meals, and with the moral support of others. We have a shared office space, meeting room, and excellent IT and telephony infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing start-up. Maybe you will even find a collaborator within the community!

Within the village of Halton there is also a small business centre at Halton Mill, housing a variety of enterprises together with a co-working space. They also run a programme of courses and events which may be of interest


Perhaps your next step involves beginning or continuing formal higher or further education. Lancaster benefits from two excellent universities – Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria – offering a complimentary selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses between them, in addition to various colleges.

Living in the Lunesdale Community offers a radically different student experience compared to living in student accommodation on or off campus. It is possible to participate fully in the pattern of life of a Christian community, while spending the daytime in lectures and on-campus activities.

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