Financing your year in community

The Lunesdale Community operates on a non-profit basis, has no income of its own, and doesn’t currently receive financial support from any other organisation. As a result, we all have to cover our share of living costs together in community.

In order to keep this accessible to as many people as possible, we try to keep our expenses low, in a spirit of simplicity. Thinking about the ethical implications and life priorities which our consumer choices communicate is a good spiritual discipline.

Since our efforts during the the year will be dedicated to our chosen vocational track, we ask that all participants raise their own funding for the year in advance. The total individual contribution to the costs of the year-long programme is £5,550, to be made in three termly installments of £1,850. This covers single en-suite accommodation in a spacious bed-sitting room, all meals, council tax, utility bills, and household expenses.

Students should draw on the usual channels for student finance, as they would living elsewhere. The costs of living at the Lunesdale Community are equivalent to some of the lowest student rents available in Lancaster, when considered apart from the food and household part of the contribution.

Those on an internship track need to raise the full funding for the year. However, there may be some support available in case of hardship, if donations are forthcoming from partner organisations or individuals.

Social entrepreneurs who have reliable income need to raise the first term’s contribution, on the reasonable expectation that earnings will cover future terms.

Do think creatively about how you can raise the funds to support your programme, and look into grants available through Church bodies and other trusts. Fundraising can also be a way of inviting sponsoring individuals and communities to participate in your particular project. Consider ways to keep your patrons informed during the course of the year in a way which includes them in your experience.

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