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Some reflections from the first half of Holy Week in Taizé, by Birgitta (12).

Saturday 19th March, on the ferry.
Hello! Or maybe I should say bonjour? Anyway, we are all very tired and looking forward to being able to sleep on the coach. This morning we got up at 6:00 and got into a taxi which took us to the train station in Lancaster. Then we got a train to Manchester. From there, we got the coach to Dover (picking people up on the way) and are now on the ferry. We will hopefully arrive in Taize around 6:30 in English time.

In Taize, I want to meet new people and make new friends from different countries. I think that this is my ninth time in Taize And I always love to do everything. I love the breakfast, (a roll with chocolate sticks) I love the group sessions, I love Olinda and the theatre and one thing which is very important is the prayers three times a day. I can’t wait to get there!

Sunday 20th March, in Taize(!)
We have arrived! We got here at 8 am and have eaten breakfast and been down to the source for the Palm Sunday procession. We walked up to the church singing Taize songs and there we stated the prayer. Then we had a bit of free time as there is no programme on a Sunday. We ate lunch, then went to Oyak, the Exposition shop and the old village church. We were welcomed in Olinda, which is the family area, and got our room. It is quite nice: it’s warm and has a carpeted floor. My favourite thing about it is the large window sill which I have covered with a blanket so I can use it as a seat and look out.

Monday 21st March, in evening prayer
The bells are ringing so I have only a few minutes left until the prayer starts. This morning I woke up and we went to morning prayer. We left Aidan as he was still asleep. We were supposed to be helping to distribute the breakfast but there were too many helpers already. After breakfast we went to the tent to be told our groups and the adults had a Bible introduction. While they were still in the tent we left to our different age groups. We made name tags and then played lots of fun games to get to know each other. I am the only person who lives in England although some more people may come during the week. The prayer is starting now so I will write again tomorrow.

Tuesday 22nd March, in evening prayer
I missed morning prayer today as I was tired. We were in our groups again today but seven more people had arrived since yesterday so we played another ‘name game’. After lunch we went for a walk and passed by the church in Ameugny but there was scaffolding at the front and someone was doing some work. At 4:30 we had a theatre session about Peter and the disciples after Jesus had died.

Wednesday 23rd March, in the Barn
In my group this morning we left Olinda and walked to Taize. My group’s name is Catapult. We were going to go to the Source but we had play some games before we could go down as the gate was still locked. Later on, at Oyak, I had a vanilla ice cream.

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  1. Heino says:

    Good work

  2. Barbara says:

    Good to read this Birgitta. Thanks for doing it x

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