Let’s look back together…

After we had our last day in the foodbank on Friday we are slowly realising that we will actually leave this place! We are spending our last hours together, thinking and talking about our experiences and trying to find out what we enjoyed most. The time here in England was very special for all of us and for sure we will think of it long after we left. About all the wonderful people we met here, about all the interesting things we learned and about what it really means to live in community.

Living together with others strengthens your ability to not only look at your own needs and problems but to care about your neighbour and to look at them, not with our limited human sight but more as God looks at them. Even though it’s not always easy it is definitely worth a try to share daily life and to live in communion.

Especially to prepare and plan all the prayers was challenging, but at the same time very great. We kept the pattern of praying three times a day outside of Taizé and had prayers at various places, no matter how suitable they were. We learned how to prepare a prayer, how to structure it and how to divide organisation time and praying time. Now we are perfectly prepared to continue praying at home 😉

To live in the Lunesdale Community was an enriching experience and we hope to come back one day!

We will miss our English/Finish Family and all the great people we met here.

Goodbye DSC03638 (2)

Elli, Camilla and Lisa



PS: For everybody who thinks about volunteering in a local project… do it!

Just get informed and see what fits you. There are so many amazing projects and the people you meet are just lovely.

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” ACTS 20:35

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