About egg plants and prayers ;)

Good morning 🙂

Puuh… the last days were so busy, I don’t even know where to start!

On Monday we had our first real work day at the Claver Hill gardening project. It was really cold and windy up there and after a few minutes my hands felt like they were frozen. But it was also a lot of fun to plant for example the poached egg plant 🙂 It really felt like making a difference and bringing life to the place where we planted them



After our midday prayer at the Cornerstone we went home quickly to change (our feet got wet and our clothes were full of mud and dirt!).Preston Then we took the train to Preston and once we arrived, we were trying to find the St. Wilfred’s Church where we should have our evening prayer. The prayer was amazing… there were several musicians playing the piano, the guitar and even the harp. The acoustic in the church was really nice and thanks to some red and orange candle glasses the TaizĂ© atmosphere was perfect.


The next day we had to get up early again to go to the Morecambe Foodbank. As we have already worked there some times, we are familiar with the tasks and helped as usually with dating the food donations and serving coffee and tea.

FoodbankFoodbank team


In the evening we had our prayer again away from home. This time we visited the Methodist Church of Lancaster to have prayer in community with local people. Methodist ChurchWe also had a short interview and answered questions about our time in TaizĂ© and our life in community. It was great to share some experiences and to talk about things that are important to us. One specific topic was, that in community you have to be able to accept that there are times you won’t agree or you need time on your own. Living in community means to forgive each others faults, to learn to do things in different ways than you are used to and to share your life with others. It is not always easy but it is worth it, because there are some things that only become better when you share them like faith and joy and love!

On Wednesday we went to the soup lunch at the University Chaplaincy. Before lunch we had midday prayer together with Kevin and Luke. That was great because then we had all the different voices. Lunch was really nice, the soup was delicious and the cake and browines even more 🙂 And also the bible study afterwards was very interesting. We talked about reconciliation and heard many inspiring stories! For me reconciliation is very important when talking about peace. I think without reconciliation and the ability to forgive and move on, there can’t be real peace. We came to the conclusion that we have to overcome our human boundaries and try to see each other with God’s eyes.


Yesterday we had an amazing evening!UNICEF

We went to a charity event from UNICEF, where they did a Talent Show. The life music was great and the artistic performances really impressive. It was nice to do a ‘free time activity’ after all the organizing and preparing.


Have a nice day and maybe enjoy some sunshine!


‘He came to bring the good news of peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near’ Ephesians 2, 17

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  1. Gisela Nelles says:

    Hello girls and especially Lisa,

    this is your grand-aunt Gisela writing. Obviously, you enjoy your stay. And congratulations, your English is excellent!
    All the best to you all

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